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Posted on March 26th 2020 by Susan Graham

5 Ways To Keep Your Players Connected

It's important to keep in touch with your players and teamo gives you the perfect opportunity to safely engage with them from a distance. Whether you are looking to send some home training drills to your junior players to keep them amused, or send a newsletter to 1000+ members, teamo has you covered.

As a child safe communication platform, coaches can chat with their junior players, with the reassurance that parents are copied into all chats, although they are not able to see and coach their players.

Here are five fun ways to engage with your team to make sure you don't lose touch, whilst also keeping everyone entertained!

1. Maintain Communication

With the lack of sport in their lives, your players will no doubt be feeling a little lost. Make sure you check in with your team using chats and keep communication regular, whether it be sending drills, or asking how everyone is in a safe and secure way (all parents will be copied into communications with Under 18s). This is a great way to motivate and encourage them to stay fit and healthy so they are ready to go when sport starts back up again. You can also send an email out to all your members using teamoMail (one email address sends to all) to update all members on any cancellations/upcoming arrangements.

2. Share "At Home" Drills

With plenty of time on their hands, your players will be looking for ways to keep fit and sharpen up their skills (and parents will be looking to keep their kids busy!). Search the web for sport specific drills that players can do from their living room or back garden, and use teamo to share these drills on chats or send notifications. Great places to find video drills include YouTube, Sportplan, or RugbyCoachingTV (for rugby specific content). This way your players have something to keep them busy, whilst also developing their individual skills for when sport starts back up again!

3. Create Competitive Challenges

Your players will be missing having their competitive edge on show weekly so divide your team into 2 groups and start some friendly competition amongst the group. Create a list of tasks for players to complete in their free time - this could be anything from completing a walk, run or bike ride for a certain number of minutes to how many sit ups or press ups they can do in a row. When a player has completed a task, they post a photo on the team chat or Newsfeed as proof and earn points for their team.

4. Get Quizzical

Let the body take a rest and allow the mind to take over! It's the end of the season for many northern hemisphere clubs, so it's the perfect time to make some fun polls/quizzes on the past season such as who had the most goals, player of the match votes or include some off pitch trivia. If your season was due to get underway, why not throw it back and test your player's knowledge on stats from the previous season.

5. Time To Reflect

With life slowing down a little, it's a good time to gather feedback from your players. They will have time to properly review the year - what they felt worked well and anything that needs to be considered for next season. Make sure you do it quickly before the playing season seems like a distant memory. You can send out a survey using Google Forms or Typeform to collect anonymous answers on all team aspects - performance, coaching, socials - whatever you like! Take the feedback and turn it into actions to implement in time for the new season.

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