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Posted on March 20th 2019 by Susan Graham

5 Key Things To Consider As Your Season Draws To A Close

As we enter the last few weeks of the 2018/19 season in the Northern Hemisphere, it's important to reflect on the past season and look ahead to the next - August will be here before you know it! Here's our 5 point plan to help you wrap up your season in style.

1. Find It, Clean It, Keep It

Did you distribute the kit around your team at the start of the season? Matt has the First Aid kit, Tom has the bibs, Joe has the cones - well at least you hope they do! Make sure you gather all the equipment and kit at your last game of the season! Leave it any longer, and it will go missing and you could end up with an unwanted cost at the start of next season to replace it! Remember to clean any equipment before storing it too - unless you fancy opening up a bag of bibs in five months time that have not been cleaned!

2. Celebrate!

It's been a long, hard season so reward yourselves! However big or small your achievements have been, there is always some success to celebrate. Organise a fun activity to mark the end of the season - this could be anything from an End of Season meal, a Games night, or an outing to watch a professional sports game. It's a great way to share your favourite stories from the past season and build up excitement for the next!

3. Don't Leave It Too Long

Five months can be a long time when you are used to seeing your teammates at least once a week, if not more! Let your players enjoy their time off and have a well earned break, but don't leave it too long. Get a date in the diary now so that everyone has something to look forward to. The catch up doesn't have to be something related to your sport - it could be a fun activity at the local park once a month or even a trip to the pub now and then! This keeps everyone in touch and gets them excited for the next season.

4. Time To Reflect

The end of the season marks a good time to ask a few players to review the year - what they felt worked well and anything that needs to be considered to make it even better. Make sure you don't leave it too late - send a survey out before the last game so players have a match to think about it. Create a Google Form or Typeform to collect anonymous answers on all team aspects - performance, coaching, match days, socials - whatever you like!

5. Change Is Good

Take the survey responses on board from your End of Season Review and change the feedback into feedforward! Putting changes in place early on can save a lot of time and hassle when it comes to the summer months, especially if the changes are big and need some consideration. You need to spark team/club discussions early on so that they are in place by September.

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