[UPDATE] Teamo 1.0.2 👍 📅 💬 📹 📌 ✅

released 04/11/2016

teamo 1.0.2 available now

We have responded to your feedback and had to fix a couple of little bugs, so please update your teamo app today.

👍 Please keep the feedback coming as we are building new features and tools everyday, your comments are what will make teamo the app that works for you!

You have made some great apps!

With over 50 clubs trialling teamo already, we are really impressed with the beautiful club apps you all have and how you are using them.

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What's in teamo 1.0!

We believe the key to great management is communication and this is front and centre in teamo. Today teams have their own club app, giving managers and captains an instant 📇 address book and players an easy communication tool. Quick links to all 📅  fixtures and results with a 💬 full instant messaging service includng 📹  video streaming and 📌 pinned messages, great for sharing and discussing highlights and tactics. With 💻  desktop access you can drag and drop long videos into a chat and within minutes stream these on mobile.

What's Next

teamo has an exciting roadmap for the next 12 months as we embark on our mission to reduce the admin of running a sports teamo and create a real community for every club.

You have been screaming for it and it is coming very soon, but what is the point of availability without communication? With ✅ player availability and team selection coming next, you will be the first to experience the future of sports club management.


John Nurse John Nurse
Teamo, Product Lead
CEO, Sportplan Ltd


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