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Posted on January 15th 2020 by Jessie Hood

Teamo Talks: Communication is Key

About Walton Heath Football Club

Walton Heath Football Club are a single team club, currently competing in the Leatherhead & District Sunday League. They have 25 players signed on and train once a week with matches taking place on the weekend in Surrey.

Why Teamo?

The club were losing money due to payments going unnoticed over the course of the season. Now they can chase those players who are behind on payments without using the "No Cash" excuse. They were also looking for a central communication platform that enabled the managers and captains to keep their team up to date with any last minute changes to fixtures and training.

We were looking for a payment solution for our club as a lot of players would go under the radar and get away without paying a few match and training fees over the course of the season which meant the club lost out on quite a bit of money come the end of the season. We were also looking for a centralised place for communication to keep everyone up to date about training and match dates.
(Matt, Treasurer)

Communication Is Key!

It is important that all vital information regarding matches, selection and payments remains in one easily accessible place for all - managers, captains and players! Teamo also provides efficient communication to players when there are changes to the match day selection, training sessions e.t.c. Walton Heath FC also uses teamoMail to send personalized newsletters to their members!

We use the majority of teamo's features now including availability, selection, communications and payments. All players are involved in the group chat which gets used daily from general chit chat to post match analysis and viewpoints. Also the chairman can send out a monthly newsletter via the teamoMail system.
(Matt, Treasurer)

Recommending Teamo

This was Walton Heath's first season using teamo, collecting match fees and using a club management platform. The players were very accepting of the idea of using a virtual platform and making it easier for the whole club!

I would definitely recommend teamo. It has a fantastic range of features which would be beneficial for every club. Even if you are only looking for a specific feature, the fact it has all these other features packed in is a bonus! Everyone was very receptive to the idea because we primarily brought it in to make the payments side of things easier for all. They also like the fact that if they need to know anything Walton Heath related, all they have to do is open teamo!
(Matt, Treasurer)

No matter the size of your team or club, teamo can help you - give it a try today!

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