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Posted on February 28th 2019 by Susan Graham

February 2019 - What's New?

Take a look at the latest features and updates to teamo this month:

Add Your Clubs Instagram Onto Newsfeed

Similar to the Twitter feature, you can now add your Instagram Account to appear on your member's Dashboard so they can keep up to date with all Club news in the one place.

To add your Instagram feed, head to Settings > Manage Club > Edit Club Details and insert your Instagram handle.

New Availability Colours

You asked, so we've delivered! Some users were having difficulties distinguishing between Available, Unknown & Unavailable Players in the Invited Players List so we have now made this easier!

A Green, Orange & Red Line now separates the Players into their categories, making it easier to view player's availability status at a glance.

Undo Cash Payments for Training/Socials

You are now able to Undo any Cash Payments for all type of payments including Training Fees and Social Tickets.

So, if you accidentally mark someone as Paid By Cash, you can now mark them as Unpaid again and move them back to the Outstanding Payments list to keep your records up to date.

Send Payment Notifications

You now have the option to send notifications when assigning Player Match Fees & Training Fees. This allows you to turn off the notification if players have already paid by cash for example.

Is there a feature you and your club think would be helpful? Please feel free to email support@teamo.chat or fill out a feedback form.

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