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Posted on November 24th 2021 by Joe Chomet

Customer Story: Norton HC

Norton HC may be one of the oldest hockey clubs in England, having officially formed back in 1891, but they are certainly moving with the times and embracing the use of Teamo to help run their club from a digital platform. Furthermore, they were awarded England Hockey's Club of the Year award in 2020, and were European Club of the Year runners up in 2018, that's no small feat!

As a family oriented club relying on the hard work of dozens of volunteers, Norton HC were on the hunt for a club management system that would make running their club seamless, allowing them to collect and track membership payments and match fees, and manage their members data in a fully GDPR compliant way.

We spoke to the club's treasurer about their experience with Teamo.

"We chose Teamo as we wanted to reduce the amount of admin at the club. Everybody's lives are getting busier so we felt it was important to reduce admin to keep people volunteering. The treasurer's job is particularly challenging keeping track of all payments so we also wanted to look at ways to reduce his workload. We looked at various apps then narrowed the choice down to a couple of apps & we chose to trial Teamo mainly because it is cheaper compared to the competitors. Also Teamo has everything in one place: membership forms, subscriptions, results, tables, match reports just to name a few things again all reducing admin.

Teamo has certainly reduced the Treasurer's workload, no more trawling through team sheets looking for people who hadn't paid on the day, then checking the bank account to see if they had sent the payment via BACS, then having to message the people & chase them up. Now all of the finances are in one app.

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical if the team selection would work via Teamo as I didn't think people would select their availability, but on the whole most people do each week & that side of it is working well for us. The way we have set Teamo up all captains can see each other's teams availability so this helps with selection.

All the comments I get from people at the club are nothing but positive regarding Teamo. From captains, treasurer & players, everyone's comments are how much they like the app & that it is easy to use.

Setting up Teamo wasn't the easiest I must admit, maybe because it's something new; but with our account manager's great support he helped us a lot with Zooms calls & emails. I really do appreciate all the help they gave.

On the whole Teamo is a great tool for clubs, most of the admin you need as a club is all in one app."

Teamo is allowing clubs the chance to discover how much time and energy they can save with an all-in-one club management solution. Do everything from managing members and maintaining the books to running selection and collecting match-fees to make team management simple.

Discover how Teamo can work for you, just as it has for Norton HC.

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