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Posted on December 9th 2021 by Joe Chomet

Customer Story: Amersham and Chalfont HC

Since being founded in 2001, Amersham and Chalfont HC has grown rapidly to become one of the largest junior sections in England, with over 500 juniors playing across more than 25 different teams. Their adult section isn't exactly small either, comprising no less than 15 teams - managing such a large club is no small feat! Thanks to a group of hard working individuals who understood the need for the club to continue moving with the times and implement an online club management platform, in 2020 they joined Teamo.

John Spicer has been coaching at ACHC for several years now and has been instrumental in the growth of the junior section and the roll out of Teamo across the club. John told us why they chose Teamo.

"As a club we recognised that there's been a big shift to mobile devices for organising everyday life. Given this, we knew any new system needed to be accessible from and work well with these devices.

We wanted to improve the collection of money, and in particular to reduce the workload on the Treasurer - the old cash or transfer with reconciliations approach had become unsustainable with 700+ players and 50+ teams, and regularly banking large sums of cash had obvious risks. With Teamo's online payment center, it's possible to have all the payment information in one place so it's so much easier to chase the few outstanding stragglers, and it's really easy for them to pay.

Previously we had to keep a second database of junior data as too many people had access. Teamo allowed a GDPR compliant way to store all the data we needed in one place and make sure only the right people could access it. Junior details are fully secured so parents can have peace of mind knowing who has access to their child's data.

Teamo's provided a way of getting the junior data to those who needed it e.g. the parent taking the U8's 5th team on match day as a one-off, the Ladies 3's captain with 5 juniors in the side, etc. Such that they could only see the data for the children they had in their team, even if it was 'their' team only for that day. Closely linked to the ability to give someone temporary access because they were temporarily in a position of responsibility was critical e.g. the Ladies 3's captain is away for a week, and her stand-in can see the junior info in an emergency at the pitch.

Running holiday camps is a big part of our junior program here at ACHC, Teamo has supported the running of camps and other non-match chargeable events. While implementing any new system is not without it's challenges, Teamo is much better than what we had before and the development team is always receptive to implementing new ideas."

Teamo is allowing clubs the chance to discover how much time and energy they can save with an all-in-one club management solution. Do everything from managing members and maintaining the books to running selection and collecting match-fees to make team management simple.

Discover how Teamo can work for you, just as it has for Amersham and Chalfont HC.

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